Supermarket Logistics UK

Supermarket logistics services are a crucial part of the supply chain, ensuring that products move efficiently from manufacturers to the final mile deliveries to the shelves of supermarket groups. These services encompass various stages, including the receipt of containers, warehousing, palletisation and delivery to the supermarket Regional Distribution Centres.


BRC Warehousing in Warrington and Cambridge:


BRC (British Retail Consortium) approved warehousing facilities are available in Warrington and Cambridge. These warehouses are strategically located to provide competitive and economic advantages. The Warrington warehouse is located 45 minutes from the Port of Liverpool, while the Cambridgeshire site is within 1.5 hours of London Gateway, Felixstowe & Tilbury. These facilities offer services such as container de-stuffing, consolidation, offloading trailers, and the warehousing and distribution of goods.


Receipt of Containers:


Our UK warehouses services include the receipt of containers from points of manufacture or Ports of Entry. Merchant Haul or Line Haul are both accepted and drop and swap containers / trailers can be organised upon request


Warehousing Services:


Upon receipt of the containers, they are destuffed, palletised and put in the warehouse racking. Each pallet is allocated racking space which is recorded on the Warehousing management system awaiting call off


Distribution to Supermarkets:


The final stage in supermarket logistics is the distribution of goods to supermarkets. Our logistics services provide essential groupage and part load distribution to major supermarkets in the UK such as Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

In essence Supply Chain Solution offer logistics services on behalf of our customers to the Supermarket Regional Distribution Centres. With consolidated pallet rates and proof of deliveries offered by the end of the following week of delivery, our Logistics and Administration services will exceed your expectations