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European Logistics Services


We provide European logistics FTL (Full Trailer Loads) of Ambient Chilled & Frozen Trailer services from the UK & Ireland to Mainland Europe. We help with Health Certification & Export Clearances to provide expedited deliveries to our European logistics service partners. Our complimentary services in The Netherlands offer multi temperature transport, warehousing and distribution services to Major European Supermarket Groups, Wholesalers & Retailers.

Alternatives to our UK Export Services allow our customers to ship FCL (Full Container Loads into Rotterdam, where clearance, inspection etc can take place prior to onward delivery direct to the consignee or to our BRC approved warehouses in Moerdijk or Breda. Once De-stuffed part load & consolidated distribution can be organised directly to multiple Consignees for multi temperature palletised foodstuffs.

All facilities are BRC Approved and provide the full range of Ambient, Chilled & Frozen Food Grade Logistics services both within the EU, up to & including Baltic, Balkans and Scandinavia.

Additional value added services such as Tempering Services from Frozen to Chilled are available from both our warehouses in Moerdijk or Breda.

We are members of the FDEA (Food & Drink Exporters Association) and aim to help our customers “get their goods to market” in the most cost effective and efficient way.

SCS Shipping & Logistics Services in The Netherlands


The Netherlands is a leading logistics provider in Europe, with some of the world’s most efficient seaports that provide unparalleled access to the continent. Our aim is to utilise our regional warehousing services in NL to provide seamless logistics services for our customers throughout Europe for both full load and part load deliveries.



The Port of Rotterdam, the largest and busiest port in Europe, is a major hub for distribution. It handles almost 15 million TEU and offers both deep sea and short sea container services, making it an ideal choice for global distribution and logistics.
The port is located 50km from our multi-temperature food-grade warehouse in Breda, which complements the internal distribution of container deliveries, de-stuffing, and EU-wide distribution.

Complimentary advantages to suppliers shipping to Rotterdam

• Fiscal Representation Introductions
• We offer Shipping Services into Rotterdam
• Moerdijk & Breda within an hour of Port of Rotterdam
• Inland waterway service from Rotterdam to Moerdijk
• Customs Clearance
• Inland Haulage
• BRC Approved warehouses
• De-stuffing of Containers
• Palletisation onto Euro-pallets
• Shrink-wrapping, Labelling, Date and Bar Coding

• Tempering of foodstuffs from Frozen to Chilled
• Full load Distribution within the EU and beyond
• Part Load Consolidation and Logistics services EU and beyond
• 5000 frozen pallet spaces
• 3000 chilled pallet spaces
• 2000 ambient pallet spaces
• Full multi temperature groupage and distribution services
• Multi Temperature Chambers on Trailers
• Satellite delivery depots throughout EU
• Pod’s received week after delivery with invoice.

European Logistics - Rotterdam shipping
European Logistics - Rotterdam docks
European Logistics - Rotterdam containers
European Logistics - Rotterdam haulage


The Port of Moerdijk, is the fourth largest port and second container seaport in the Netherlands and is a multimodal hub for industry and logistics located between Rotterdam and Antwerp.


Moerdijk offers maximum freedom of choice for shortsea, barging, rail, or road transport, bringing European destinations within easy reach.  Our warehousing facility next to the quayside allows for multi-modal delivery services to offload, providing cost savings through minimized internal haulage costs and prompt de-stuffing and palletisation services even at peak times.


We recommend that our customers speak with their shipping agents to see if Moerdijk is an option for them. Our multi-temperature warehousing and distribution services provide ambient, chilled, and frozen groupage / full load services directly from our quayside location throughout the EU.

SCS Consolidation Services v Pallet Networks


Our logistics operations involve comparisons between standard pallet network deliveries as opposed to our own consolidation services. For a more detailed appraisal of alternatives to pallet networks

  • We consolidate for many different customers
  • We book our own slots and advise supermarkets of what is on the trailer
    We wait until we are tipped (no extra charges to the customer)
  • Our costs are considerably cheaper and more efficient than the alternative
  • All customer Proof of Deliveries come together following week of delivery with the invoice
  • A much more integrated call off and storage system with none of the hassle or inconvenience to the customer or the supermarket / wholesaler or retailer
  • Able to undertake large volume specials as well as day to day one pallet deliveries throughout the EU
  • Pallet deliveries are expensive
  • Haulier will not wait past 30 mins of booking time
  • Goods get returned to hub and customer is charged for outward and return journey
  • Goods need to be re-booked, customer receives notice of delivery failure
  • Charged again for re-delivery
  • Pods are often lost or difficult to retrieve

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