Logistics Services to Lidl


Supply Chain Solution Ltd offer the complete Ambient Logistics Services for Suppliers to Lidl. Whether you are putting in a “Tender” for new “Lidl Business”, are new or an existing supplier looking to change the way you do business, we have the solution.


Lots of new business with Lidl starts off with “Middle of Lidl Specials”.  We combine this often difficult logistics business with our existing deliveries to Lidl UK and often deliver early with the specials, and then to another bay to complete delivery.


If you are an existing or potential supplier to Lidl UK, we offer a range of services to suit at our National Distribution Centres in the UK. Consider the different requirements of supplying to Lidl and how we offer different solutions to try and overcome the challenges associated with supplying Lidl in the UK.

Logistics Services for Suppliers to Aldi



As an importer you will be aware of the impact of container / trailer delays caused by bad weather, production issues, non-shipment etc. And how this affects last mile deliveries.


Container issues where shipment is via transit ports can often cause the biggest issues due to the volume of cargo against the availability of feeder vessels.


Trailer delays will often involve issues at Calais / Dover where port issues, congestion etc can bring the supply chain to a halt. Additional Import checks will further exacerbate these issues and result in additional costs which cannot be passed on.

UK Manufacturers / Distributors


Lack of storage capacity, late receipt of raw materials or packaging issues are common complaints that can cause issues and delays for Manufacturers and Distributors to Lidl UK.


Waiting for Lidl to sign off outer packaging can cause knock on delays where the product is ready but cannot be despatched.  This can cause frustration and delay and can impact on the receipt of other goods into the warehouse due to lack of storage space.  When examples of the above happen there is often a requirement to collect or deliver part loads on a full trailer as stock is despatched to order rather than planned consolidation, which results in increased costs to the Manufacturer / Distributor.

SCS Service Offerings to Reduce delays and Costs

Having the ability to offer two National Distribution Centres in the UK for logistics services for suppliers to Lidl gives us competitive and economic advantages.

Warrington & Cambridge


BRC Approved Warehousing & Distribution Service Details:


  • Warrington is located 45 minutes from the Port of Liverpool
  • Cambridgeshire site is located within 1.1/2 hours from London Gateway, Felixstowe & Tilbury
  • Drop & Swap Containers / Trailers
  • Loading / Offloading Bays
  • Palletisation, Shrink-wrap & Reworking
  • Pallet Inversion
  • Pick & Pack
  • Labelling / Bar Coding of Stock
  • Economic UK collections of full / part loads from Manufacturer / Distributor
  • Economic Consolidation for multiple suppliers to Lidl UK
  • Delivery to each Lidl UK RDC’s 4-5 times per week
  • Receipt of Rejected Goods for Direct Container /Trailer deliveries from outside the UK
  • Restacking and Disposal of Rejected Stock
  • Re-delivery and booking in of Rejected stock to Lidl RDC’s
  • All Pod’s received with invoice by end of the following week
  • Payment in GBP or Euros
  • 30 Day End of Month Credit Terms

Customer Exported and shipped in multiple containers from the Far East for arrival at Ports of Felixstowe and Southampton. Our tasks were to:

• Collect UK Ports
• Delivered our warehouse
• Split and palletised goods for delivery to both Lidl UK & Ireland
• Delivered every Lidl RDC within agreed dates and times

Supply Chain have been our preferred Logistics partner for Lidl UK and Lidl Ireland for four years now. During the course of this relationship, they have acted as our UK warehousing and distribution arm. During this time they have acted in our best interests and suggested ways of saving money as and when problems arose. They are thoroughly trustworthy and we would certainly recommend them to any prospective supplier to Lidl in the UK or Ireland


Henry V.O. Exporter of Hardware

Precis of Service Advantages for Suppliers to Lidl UK


We provide warehousing and distribution services from two locations in the UK all within 1.1/2 hours of four major UK Container Ports. The Port of Dover lies just over 2 hours from the Cambridgeshire Facility.


Providing our customers with the option to ship directly to either of our UK National Distribution Centres, or the option of SCS collecting on trailer from point of manufacture / despatch.


Peak Time Periods in the UK calendar or high volume Lidl Specials over very tight time deadlines can often cause delays and additional expense. We work with you to plan your expectations and come up with solutions to reduce risk. It is only by understanding your problems that we can look to mitigate and reduce the stress involved in the efficient and timely process of supplying Lidl in the UK.


We can provide all the wrap around Logistics services you require such as Shipping, Customs Clearance, Payment of Duties etc. these services can also be worked in as part of the overall plan to provide seamless logistics services to Lidl within the UK.

Additional Details & Service Comparisons


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Terms & Conditions of Trade


In addition to our BIFA T&C’s we also have relationship documents which cover the trustworthy relationship between ourselves and our customers. Integrity of Commercial information is Key to successful business relationships. Please see details of documentation, which protects all parties and give reassurance to the Customer / Supplier Relationship – Click Here

If you would like a quotation for transport within the UK  Lidl regional distribution centres ( RDC’S ) please email sales@supplychainsolution.co.uk or call for a chat on 0151 284 8867