Chilled andFrozen Parcel service


Chilled and Frozen Parcel Service



Our Chilled and Frozen Parcel service provides next day delivery within the UK for temperature controlled samples.



It’s a lot cheaper than a courier and allows you to choose a timed delivery to Business Addresses for a.m. delivery next working day

How it Works 


We send you our Frigore Kit, which includes:

  • External White Heat reflective Box
  • Internal Insulated Box
  • Frigore Freezer Tape
  • Refrigerant

How to Pack


  • Place refrigerant in Industrial freezer (-18 to -40 oC is fine )
  • Tape External Box flaps leaving the top open
  • Place frozen refrigerant and product inside box and pack till box is full
  • Seal lid to box all way around the seal and then criss cross tape over and under the box
  • Place internal box inside white double fluted Frigore box
  • Seal the box tightly shut using Frigore tape

How to Book


  • Complete and submit the Frigore Order Form as per link
  • Order is booked and despatch label is emailed to you
  • Attach label to the box and insert into document wallet

Collection & Delivery Information


  • Ideally Parcel is booked on day 1 for delivery day two (parts of Scotland and west wales can be day 3)
  • Parcels are collected Monday – Thursday for delivery Tuesday – Friday