Suppliers/Manufacturers Marketplace

The SCS Marketplace is designed to allow importers, distributors, manufacturers or suppliers to the UK supermarket groups to simply post your load online via our marketplace and receive a quotation.  Click on the appropriate UK or EU image to add your load requirements.


This information gets processed to all of our approved logistics suppliers.  We simply come back to you with what we can offer in terms of collection and delivery with a rate. 


Collection references and collection notes can be uploaded to our system, allowing our drivers to have sight of all relevant information prior to collection.  These services are already available to our existing customers.  New customers can use our system once their credit application has been approved.

Examples of these invaluable services are:

  • High volume orders
  • Supermarket Specials
  • Critical Collections/ Delivery
  • Awkward Time Slots
  • Economies of scale
  • We can collect full Groupage loads from our warehouse
  • Frees up Warehousing space
  • Once delivery is completes, pods and invoice will be emailed

Our system is designed to assist and compliment your existing logistics providers.  We do offer part load and full load distribution to the UK Supermarket groups from our warehouse in Warrington.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.


For new customers, please complete our Credit Application form


UK to UK Marketplace request

UK to EU to UK Marketplace request