Month: July 2019


Getting your goods to the EU

  “With a decision on Brexit rapidly approaching, the Government has recently engaged in talks with distributors after realising that the UK has a significant shortage of the ‘right type’ of pallets required to import and export goods.


UK had little influence before Brexit vote

  Crawford Falconer, the UK’s chief trade negotiation adviser since 2017, said that the UK had “very little to say” on trade when he took over his job. However, he claimed that things were now “changing rapidly and will change ever more rapidly”.


Product Sourcing from Vietnam

In August 2018, the EU and Vietnam agreed on final texts for the EU-Vietnam trade and investment agreements. The agreements have been formally approved by the European Commission and need to be agreed upon by the Council and the European Parliament before they can enter into force.


Supply Chain partners in France

We are actively pursuing new partners in France to undertake and expedite our logistics enquiries. Whether it’s European supermarket logistics, repacking / relabelling projects or express groupage, our approved supplier application process ensures we only have quality partners in place.