Airfreight services is a terminology used to describe a combination of complimentary but differing Logistics services. We utilise Road Transport to collect or deliver to Airports, but we may need products packing in accordance with IATA regulations. Please click the relevant tab for more information about the differing logistics services.

Within the Airfreight Field, we have Standard Airfreight which covers Boxes, Parcels, Pallets etc on Scheduled Flights to and from major airports. Our International Airfreight pages cover these topics and touches on Customs Clearance, AWB's etc.

Air Chartering is a very specialised field and requires vast amounts of knowledge & experience to ensure the right type of Aircraft is chosen and it meets with any time critical deadlines. This type of Air Chartering Service can often involve Humanitarian Aid, Government Charters, Specialist Equipment etc where there is no margin for error or delay.

Project Airfreight covers commodities which are either too large, too heavy or too awkward for Standard Aifreight. These commodites can involve work for the Military, Gas & Oil Companies, Power Stations etc where Heavy Haulage and Cranage services compliment this other specialist area of Airfreight Logistics. Please see our Project Airfreight for more information

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